The Go​-​Getters EP

by Jeremy Sparrow

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released January 20, 2013

Written and performed by Jeremy Sparrow
Produced by Jeremy Sparrow and Ebbe Frej
Recorded at Club Petit Surprise Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark
Mixed by Jon Low and Brian McTear at Miner Street Recordings, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Mastered by Paul Hammond and Paul Sinclair at Fat City Studios, Blue Bell, PA, USA.
Cover photo by Alice Wheeler
Cover lay-out by Nicolai Smith



all rights reserved


Jeremy Sparrow Copenhagen, Denmark

Jeremy Sparrow is the alter ego of Danish songwriter and musician Lasse Smed

Written and recorded during 2011 and early 2012 these songs are Lasse’s first attempt to pin down the lives and times of the ‘much-tried’ Generation Y

The recording took place in Copenhagen, mixing was done in Philly, PA by Jon Low and Brian McTear
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Track Name: Do Or Die
This girl I knew I’d seen before came up to me
She said: ”Hi honey, why don’t you tell me all of your dreams?”
Unlike my style while off the booze I opened up to her
I got a load off my chest and she helped me decipher

Cos she said: ”Hurry up, before the suburb holds you in a deadlock
You know, it happens a lot some folks just never look up
Cos they settle down and before they know it they are done for
So get out of here now as if there were no tomorrow”

So I got behind the wheel and she yelled: ”Hey, wait up!”
She jumped in and we drove off to the beat of her heartthrob
The windows were open and the breeze washed in on both of us
I felt her hand in my lap and the spark of a love buzz

So we pulled over and we made out in the backseat
We weighed pros and cons as to whether we should stay or leave
And I fought a battle within promising myself to keep an open mind
It’s either do or die since nothing ever works the same way twice

There was little difference to be seen
As we crossed the state-line with a scream
But something was holding us on our path
We had no trouble keeping on the right track
Cos we were doing it and we didn’t look back
Track Name: Q&A With My Dad
(Q:) What are your hopes and dreams?
(A:) I want my band to hit the charts and feel free
(Q:) And when that fails, what’s your plan B?
(A:) I’ll get around to that but why should I worry?

Cos the only thing that pushes me to try hard is the feeling I get when I pick up a guitar
I may never get to be book-smart but I don’t care cos this here band is off to a good start

(Q: ) When will you ever redeem?
(A: ) I though you knew I’m too hung up in my scheme
(Q: ) But do you really think you can make the girls scream?
(A: ) Who knows, I might redefine mainstream

Call me when reality bites
Call me from the ledge when you’re deep in vice.
Call me when you roll the dice
Call me when you need help to get by

Well, OK – Well, all right!
Track Name: Loose Ethics
For us only the sky will be the limit
Once we graduate we'll write only number-one hits
We sing a lot about sex and we're drawn toward loose ethics
We're inspired by girls, pop-art and Gus Van Sant films

I sing a line about an old fling
I’m spilling my guts out to you
I won't give up until all girls sing along
I keep my shades on onstage to play the mystery in full
I won't give up until all girls sing along

For us prom night will be a good time to play a gig
We'll make sure to end our show with feedback that always does the trick
I can't wait to mount that stage and win respect
We'll be the best band to have ever come out of this state

I sing a line about an old fling
I’m spilling my guts out to you
I won't give up until all girls sing along
I keep my shades on onstage to play the mystery in full
I won't give up until all girls sing along

"And it's so hard to make it, in that business little kid!"
Well clearly, you haven't heard our sound
We are too good for all you no-good folks in small towns
We were born to hit the stages in New York
Track Name: The Trouble With Couples
John said I was on a roll but really I was out of control
I had lost my nerve and I hung onto the hope, it’s better than to let it go
The girl was right; the problem was mine it was mine alone
She had to top it off saying: “There is no we in your ego!”

Whoa! It’s on, it’s on, it’s on, it’s on!
Whoa! It’s gone, it’s gone, it’s gone, it’s gone!
Whoa! Come on, come on, come on, come on!
Whoa! It’s love! It’s love!

It’s either or, it’s no use, either way you can’t produce the proof
I think you’ve done enough on your part, now I’m the one singing the blues
Damn, you’ve messed it up real bad – last chance or we’re through
Exactly how did you think I would react to your on-going loads of bull?
Track Name: If This Is Living (It's Way Overrated)
Dylan's pops died mob style there on the Westcoast
Like Byron the McKay men proved dangerous to know
Dylan jumped his Porsche in front of Casa Walsh
Cus Jim went on and on as if he were the boss

Poor Brenda stood there with tears running down her cheeks
She couldn't quite comprehend how men could be so mean

Oh, the moral was carved in stone from the get-go of 90210
It gave me a heads-up on how to deal with all the blows
Like Dylan I couldn't see myself heading off to college
Cus I needed time off to study myself and find my quest

And whenever the going got tough and I felt stunned
I used to ask myself: what would Dylan have done?

It came to a point where I couldn't even see the sun
You're on the ledge now, Sparrow: Don't jump!
And the tragedy of this country is that creeps end up running it
If this is living it's way overrated

Put your shovels away I'm not dying, I'm cursed to live
To me he's even cooler than Holden Caulfield
May the bridges I burn light my way to Heaven
If this is living it's way way overrated
Track Name: I Go To Pieces
So I sit and stare and I do absolutely nothing
That is that and I begin the inevitable faultfinding
Heads up little angel, don’t defy the laws of gravity
Flying high, falling down SPLAT on the ground from ten thousand feet

Well I need to calm down - I need to come around
Find my way out of this town
I need to raise hell - I need to kiss and tell
But I’m stuck in this Goddamn cell
I need to keep sane - I need to learn the game
Maybe climb aboard a plane
I need for you to see exactly how you make me feel, baby!

It doesn’t just blow over like that or fade out overnight
Your words don’t match that yearning look in your eyes.
Oh, I didn’t close my eyes last night I was amazed when I saw a new sunrise
So the world is still spinning though you and I faced our demise

Well I need to roam the streets – I need to feel at ease
Sort it out piece by piece
I need to write a song – I need to call my mom
And tell her how it’s all gone wrong
I need to find God – I need to break your heart
But I don’t really know where to start
I need for you to see exactly how you make me feel
Track Name: The Go-Getters
It’s about time we part ways
We won’t catch the big break
I call them as I see them; I play it straight

I guess we’ve never had the right stuff
I don’t know what we lacked
But what talent we’ve got just wasn’t enough

Once I get this blow worked through
I must swallow my pride
And set out on a life as a corporate stooge

It’s a shame!
Ah, get out!

Get out of the car, John
There’s a blanket of stars out
Let’s just let go and have some fun

Up and down, in and out
Through a whirlwind of crushed dreams
I really believed in our sound

Cus our songs made sense to me
You guys completed me
And when we performed I felt free
Track Name: It's Your Love (I Aspire) - Bonus track!
If you love me - you won’t end up all alone
If you don’t - I might drown in Amarone
If you love me - I don’t need to get stoned
If you don’t - I don’t need to get old
If you love me - say the word and we’ll elope
If you don’t - I’ll go to Vegas on my own

You always crack me up and pull me out of the mire
With your impression of Reba McEntire
When people point and stare it’s like fuel on the fire
You’re incredible in bed and it’s your love I aspire

If you love me - we’ll get married next year
If you don’t - I’ll sit back and get weird
If you love me – we’ll find a way out of here
If you don’t - like Van Gogh, I’ll cut off my ear
If you love me - I no longer have commitment fears
If you don’t - I might as well just turn queer